4. Things Progressives Can Do Now!

We need to end corporate control of our government, especially at the state and national levels. Here are some things we can do now to Stay Informed, Get Involved, and Take Action:

1. Vote and encourage other to vote. We need to vote the corporatists out of office.

2. Start your own online petition on a subject of interest to you. Click HERE for details.
3. Contact your elected officials regularly yourself. It is easy! Click HERE.
4. 'Move Your Money' from a 'big corporate' bank to a local credit union. Click HERE for info on credit unions. For other ideas on how to 'de-corporatize' your money, click HERE.
5. Add your voice in video to the debate over women's reproductive rights. Click
HERE for video about how.
6. Share progressive information with others. Click
HERE for progressive issue info, national conferences, webinars, articles, books, op-ed websites, videos, movement songs, charts/graphs, and gift ideas that you can use and share.

7. Keep single payer Medicare-for-all idea front and center with a letter to the editor. Click HERE for ideas for such a letter.
8. If you have a website, put links to progressive daily/weekly newsletters on your site. Click HERE for an example.  
9. Here is a list of other specific thing you can do! (please help add to the list)

- Spread the word about this web site and the ideas listed.

- Vote and carry voter registrations in your car to share with others who are not registered. We need more people voting.
- Donate a progressive magazine subscription to a friend or local library. Yes Magazine; The Progressive Populist; and The Nation are great choices.
- Donate a progressive book to the local library.
- Demand that cable systems carry Current TV and Free Speech TV with Democracy Now with Amy Goodman,
Thom Hartmann, etc. For sample email and links click HERE!

- Change to DirecTV which does have the programs mentioned above.
- Turn off Fox News and encourage other to do so, especially in medical offices, etc.

- Start a small once a week/month email list to spread progressive info and support our local groups.- Host, attend, and support progressive events (house parties, rallies, demonstrations, forums, conferences, etc) in the Lehigh Valley which are sponsored by local, state, or national groups and tell me so I can post them.
- Learn more about the ways to rebuild our democray at Democracy 4 We The People. Click HERE for more.
- Get involved with progressive politics with Progressive Democrats of American (click HERE), the Green Party (click HERE), Justice Party USA (click HERE), or Democratic Socialists (click HERE).